Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 12 Summer Vacation 2008

Today is Day 12 Friday July 18 2008

Well here we are in Las Vegas. I was glad to get the car parked safely at the hotel yesterday afternoon. I have never experienced such traffic in my life, but I did it. Now I am going to leave the car parked for the next 5 days and just rely on our feet and public transit. I have no desire to drive in this traffic. Our hotel is conveniently located (purposely chosen) on Fremont Street, only 2 blocks from the famous Las Vegas Strip.

Today is going to be an exciting day. We have booked a helicopter tour to The Grand Canyon. A limousine is to pick us up at the Golden Nugget Casino and take us out to the airport to meet with the helicopter.

We booked the tour through Sundance Helicopters.

The flight to the Grand Canyon took about an hour. As we lifted off from the airport, Las Vegas was spread out below us on the desert floor.

The pilot was very helpful in pointing out points of interest. We flew in low over the Hoover Dam and I got some great photos.

Although we had just been to the Grand Canyon several days ago through our tour that we booked in Flagstaff, this was a totally different experience and view as we approached the Canyon from the air. The flight down and through the canyon walls to the floor of the canyon was nothing short of breathtaking. Looking through the glass windows of the helicopter the camera cannot capture the beauty that we saw, but here are a few pictures anyways.

Here is a VIDEO that I posted on You Tube of our helicopter landing at the Grand Canyon

We landed on the floor of the Grand Canyon, right on the shore of the Colorado River.

The perspective from the bottom of the canyon, looking up, is so much different than being on top looking down.

We spent about an hour on the floor of the Grand Canyon and had a wonderfully delicious picnic lunch with champagne. On our flight back to Las Vegas, we flew right over our hotel and then turned to follow the Las Vegas Strip back to the airport. I think a night flight over the strip would be neat to see with all the buildings lit up.

Again, if you have not done this, I highly recommend spending the money and doing the helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon.

Click on my Flickr link to see all of our photos from today.

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