Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 23 Summer Vacation 2008

Today is Day 23 Tuesday July 29 2008

We are only going to drive 135 KM today, but again, this is a day packed full of things to do and see. We will drive from Clinton OK to Oklahoma City OK.

jul 29

First stop is The Route 66 Museum in Clinton Oklahoma.

3 Rte 66 Clinton OK

The museum is chock full of Route 66 memorabilia and historical information. There are many other Route 66 things to see in Clinton beside the museum so make some time to drive around. Here are a couple of photos.

29 Rte 66 Clinton OK

31 Rte 66 Clinton OK

Heading East out of Clinton we came to Weatherford OK and got up close and personal with a wind generating turbine. Everyone who is against generating wind energy insists that these things are very loud. Well Karen and I did not have any difficulty conversing back and forth while standing under one of these things. Another argument is that the cattle are spooked by them. The cattle in this field seemed perfectly comfortable. They were coming to check us out at the edge of the fence.

36 Rte 66 Weatherford OK

I haven’t taken a photo of the car in a few days. We bought a Route 66 Flag to display as we are driving.

37 Rte 66 Weatherford OK

We passed the abandoned Route 66 Drive In in Weatherford OK.

38 Rte 66 Weatherford OK

We had lunch at the new Lucilles restaurant in Weatherford. There is a nice concrete stretch of 66 with the original curbs between Weatherford OK. and Hydro OK.

42 Rte 66 btwn Weatherford & Hydro OK

Then we found the original Lucilles Restaurant in Hydro OK.

43 Rte 66 Hydro OK

Here is another nice section of Route 66 between Hydro OK and Bridgeport OK.

50 Rte 66 btwn Hydro & Bridgeport OK

Then we came upon the 3/4 mile long Pony Bridge between Bridgeport OK and Calumet OK.

55 Rte 66 .75 mile long PONY BRIDGE btwn Bridgeport & Calumet OK

An odd sight for us Ontarians is the red soil of the land. This picture really shows off how red the soil is. We don’t have anything like this in Ontario.

59 Rte 66 red soil btwn Bridgeport & Calumet OK

We drove through El Reno OK and around Lake Overholser and through Bethany OK till we arrived at our hotel in Oklahoma City for the evening.

All of our photos are posted on my FLICKR site if you wish to take a look

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